About Us

Queensbury Paranormal Investigation Team (the Team) was founded in 2010, in the historic Town of Queensbury, New York. Nestled in the northeastern portion of the Empire State, the Town of Queensbury is surrounded by the historical sites of the French and Indian War and the American Revolution. The Team is currently headquartered in the historic Shirt Factory building, located at 71 Lawrence Street in Glens Falls, New York. The Team primarily conducts investigations of private residences and small businesses in Warren, Washington, and Saratoga counties, as well as surrounding areas.

To learn more about the history of The Shirt Factory click on the picture above.

Queensbury Paranormal NEVER charges to conduct an investigation.

Our Tools of the Trade/Equipment

Analog and Digital Voice Recorders

The analog and digital voice recorder  is one of the  primary  tools utilized in paranormal investigations to capture Electric Voice Phenomena (EVP) as well as other data. EVP's are voices and sounds that are captured by a recorder that are not heard by the naked ear at the time of the recording. It is believed  that these voices and sounds are paranormal in nature.

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Meters



TriField Natural EM Meter




Like the analog and digital recorder the  EMF meter is a valuable tool utilized in paranormal investigations to detect deviations in the established baseline of the electromagnetic field.  

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