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What We Do


When there is a call for help, we promise to lend a hand to those in need. With this in mind, our goal during the investigatory process is to discover and explain the source of your distress. In every case, we begin and end with an objective mindset, only following the evidence. We never make assumptions and are sure to provide a thorough and exhaustive investigation. During the process, we utilize our top-notch investigative skills, innovative and time tested techniques, along with a wide variety of tools that will aid us in this exploration.


Since the Team’s inception, research has played a fundamental role in our activities. It allows us to gain a greater understanding of the paranormal and provides opportunities for achieving advancements in the field. Considering this, we pledge to become life-long students on this journey. In our effort, we spend ample time reading the classics, studying valuable resources, and attending meet-ups and conferences held by our colleagues. We also devote countless hours at the Team’s headquarters, developing and testing new techniques, experimenting with equipment, and diligently reviewing the results. Our hope is to one day leave the field in a better position than when we entered it, having made contributions along the way.

To learn more about the classics and resources we utilize, be sure to check out our Resources page.  


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