Hall of Fame - Legends of the Paranormal

Frederic William Henry Myers

Class of 2016

Hans Holzer

George Nugent Merle Tyrrell

Edmund Gurney
Malachi Brendan Martin
William Roll
Ed Warren
Frank Podmore
John Zaffis
Joseph Banks Rhine
Mary Ann Winkowski
Henry Habberley Price
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Raymond Moody
Art Bell
D. Scott Rogo
Harry Price
Henry Sidgwick
Loyd Auerbach
Louisa Rhine
James Van Praagh
Lorraine Warren
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This page is dedicated to those who have inspired us on our journey.  We believe each person has contributed greatly to the paranormal field and for that, they are recognized in our Hall of Fame. They are Legends of the Paranormal.

Click on the pictures below to learn more about our inductees.

Below are the candidates for the Class of 2017. Three candidates will be selected on October 1, 2017.

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Frank Podmore